We’re Rhian Burrell and Katie Sutton, two marketing professionals with 20 years’ joint experience.


We’ve worked in creative agencies and marketing departments for major brands including Mercedes Benz, Bayer, Co-operative Childcare and Bibby Financial Services. As well as for SMEs and start-ups.

We’ve learned a great deal by sitting on both sides of the table and have developed an offering that we believe is unique. An offering that, to all kinds of businesses that need marketing support, is refreshingly simple, direct, efficient and effective.

Rhian is Frank and Katie is Friend. Naturally we lean towards different styles but we’ve both spent many years perfecting the balance. And it’s that balance that our offering brings.


So, what does Frank and Friend mean for you?

We will be people you can call upon. We’ll care about you and your story. We won’t always tell you what you want to hear. We’ll make suggestions and sometimes we’ll just listen. We won’t pretend to have all the answers, but we will work with you to find them.


+44 7703 757 889

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